Wednesday, March 2, 2011

8 Miners Whose Overhead Resistance Has VANISHED

I have been looking forward to writing this post for some time now.  I knew (believed) this day would come and it is finally here.
As gold and silver have now made new all time highs, the list of miners also making new all time highs is just beginning to take shape.  I expect this list will grow considerably over the next couple of months, but here are the early leaders in the race for reaching heights never before seen.
Indeed, this present list would be longer if I included miners with short track records.  But I wanted to show you those miners that have labored long and hard to get where they are today.
The standout ETF is Proshares Ultra Silver (AGQ) and for those unfamiliar with this product, it is an ETF that is leveraged to perform twice the price movement of the silver metal itself.
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In alphabetical order, here are the 8 miners that presently have absolutely no overhead resistance. The earnings data included was assimulated from Bill Matlack's March 1 report published by Kitco.
1. Allied Nevada Gold Corp (ANV)
2010 .28
2011E .51
2012E .87

2. Claude Resources Inc (CGR)
2010 .10
2011E .19
2012E .24

3. Endeavor Silver Corp (EXK)
2010 .08
2011E .36
2012E .41

4. Iamgold Corp (IAM)
2010 .76
2011E 1.38
2012E 1.30

5. Paramount Gold Mining Corp (PZG)
2010 .28
2011E (.03)
2012E --

6. Richmont Mines Inc (RIC)
2010 .31
2011E .61
2012E .73

7. Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW)
2010 .75
2011E 1.61
2912E 1.61

8. Silvercorp Metals Incorporated (SVM)
2010 .37
2011E .44
2012E .82

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  2. Not sure what your figures are supposed to mean, are they your GUESS at price increases for the year?

  3. "The earnings data included was assimulated from Bill Matlack's March 1 report published by Kitco".

    2010 Earnings per share
    2011 Estimated Earnings per share
    2012 Estimated Earnings per share