Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sold CGR $0.615 - Gold and US Dollar Charts

For better or for worse I off loaded my shares of Claude Resources Inc (CGR) for a blended sales price of $0.615. I say blended because I sold a slug last Thursday at $0.66 but the market is so thin I couldn't get all the shares disposed. I waited until the last 10 minutes of today's episode to just cut what I had loose and run for the door with my cash but got a price of $0.605. Anyway, the math came out to $0.615 in total and my loss was $0.015 per share (2.4%).

My TSI Trading record has been updated.

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I made a 4 hour chart of both the gold futures (GC) and Dollar index (DX) this late afternoon. At present it is about 8 hours later, just past midnight here cst, and the situation has not changed much. Gold has given back a couple bucks and the dollar index has gained 12 basis points.

I really don't see something to tell me if the runner on first base is leaning towards stealing second or trying to get back to the bag at first, except that darned NewStudy14 that I keep goofing around with gives the nod to dollar up, gold down. 

This time around you will see this indicator adjusted on these 4 hour charts as two lines: a 75 period moving average (green above 0, gray below 0) and a second moving average of 300 bars (blue, cyan). A little math: there are 6 four hour bars each day. A 75 bar average then is like a 12.5 day moving average, and obviously a 300 bar average is 4 times that and = a 50 day moving average. I have been interested in seeing how these longer moving averages of the data 'tell the story' of price movement and so far, I really like how it works.

Here are those two charts and then I have saved a scandalous chart for the finale of this post.

This last chart was created over this past weekend and inspired from my friend in Indonesia named Adji. Adji recently completed medical school, but fortunately I don't write to him as Dr., but by the nick name I gave him some time ago - 'Young Jedi'. 

And yes, this is a scandalous concept. But seriously, who really knows?


  1. Woowww, you wrote my name...
    then..i could be famous and become new rising star among gold bugs in upcoming days..
    hahaha just kidding..
    actually i am still newbie in this business..
    The author of this blog is the Man.. i am impressed with the way he trades.

    -Adji, MD-

  2. Adji, MD, you are a continual inspiration to me
    and I thank you for sharing your ideas, questions
    and friendship with me. I am the one who benefits
    the most. My gratitude is yours, John