Friday, February 25, 2011

Buy BRD - $1.53 Pre-Market

This is a daily chart of Brigus Gold Corp (BRD) which I just bought in this morning's pre-market at $1.53. While there is nothing particularly noteworthy such as a True Strength Index or Money Flow Index indicator break out as yet, I do note that the TSI is quite oversold, the stock is well off its December highs, earnings projections are very favorable and price bounced off the 200 dma yesterday.  There appears to be little down side risk at this price so I am regarding this purchase as a value purchase.
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My TSI Trading record will be updated to reflect this purchase when I have a chance in the next hour.

1 comment:

  1. Morning, it was quite a day yesterday. I see you bought 1000 shares BRD in pre market. I bought 6000 shares yesterday as BRD at support as now @ the 200 ma.of 1.49. What I have been noticing lately is as soon as the NYSE opens prcious metals get sold off. This pattern seems to be happening was too often to be not contrived.