Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TVIX Rocket Launch? - BUY @ $16.85

I bought more shares of VelocityShares 2X VIX ETN (TVIX) at $16.85 in this morning's pre-market. The setup looked favorable when compared to the setup in the first week of last month - February.

My TSI Trading record has been updated.


  1. Way to go John, after read your blog, i'm bought some @ $ 16.50. I'm don't knows anythings about the chats, all i'm knows there's no good news around the world,at this time,
    Happy trading

  2. Hi Norman - you always seem to be at the right place at the right time!
    How do you do that?

    TVIX is just now trying to break upside out of a consolidation pennant
    on the 5 min chart. It projects to something a little north of $18.00

  3. I'm wondering why TVIX is headed up while VXX is headed down. 15% difference in a few days. One article says it's blunt buying of TVIX at an all time low , a super bargain , which will inevitably reverse in this 'era of good feeling'.

  4. Hi Bob - this is such a dysfunctional market that I am literally
    on strike - boycotting the whole thing - other than to work on making
    new and interesting indicators, doing research and waiting for reality
    to return. Which is to say, I sure cannot answer your question other
    than to suggest that in this market I truly would not believe any

  5. Hi john, did you read discussion on gary's blog about TVIX?.I'm very very concern about this fund.
    thanks so much

  6. This is a good answer of my question above.
    The key is limited shares of TVIX.