Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bought and Sold TVIX - $17.00 / $17.50

I took an additional half position in VelocityShares 2X VIX ETN (TVIX) yesterday at $17.00 and sold that position today at $17.50. This amounted to a very modest gain of 2.9% but for a one day trade, hey, I think that's just fine. 

I made a quick chart near the time of this purchase, and another one close to the time of my sale.

My TSI Trading record has been updated.


  1. Would you walk us through why you got in to and out of this trade when you did? Also, what is the TSV indicator? Thanks. -Bill

  2. Hi John,

    What do you think of GLD?

    TSI trend line break on the 4 hour plus a 0 crossover.




  3. Bill - there was not much to that trade decision. I simply had more TVIX than I
    was comfortable holding. I had a small profit and just decided to manage my risk
    by taking some off the table.

    Cakin - Gold, like the SPX, sports a trend line break TSI sell signal on its daily
    chart and indeed unlike SPX, the TSI is now falling below ZERO which is quite bearish.

  4. how low do think gold is going to?