Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sold USSID @ $2.40

I sold my shares of US Silver Corp (USSID) today at $2.40 and am now entirely in cash. I continue to be wary of a stock market correction that will bring mining shares down with it and have patiently sold each miner I owned at a small profit and left the playing table. 

My retirement account, which is another matter altogether, will continue to hold both Claude Resources (CGR) and US Silver (USSID) until something closer to their fair value is recognized by the market.

My TSI Trading record has been updated.

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  1. Thanks for LSG.Good news today made it shoot up. I think the fact that mining shares have held up well as the stock market is moving down indicates good things ahead for mining shares.

  2. Hi John,

    Any opinions on UNG? Looks like we had a TSI trendline break and a 0 crossover recently with decent support lying right below at its 20 day moving average. Today's action also looks like a run of the stops with a bullish reversal.

    It also looks like it trades to its own beat so it may not be dragged down by your worry of a stock market correction.

    What do you think?


  3. Prime - UNG looks like it has good possibilities for a short term reach
    from $22 - $24 where the daily 50dma is hanging out. $22.40ish looks like
    the next testing area.

  4. SPY is close to a simultaneous Price/MFI/TSI trend line break and we are nearly as far above the 50 DMA as last November. Perhaps a repeat of last November is coming up.

  5. Hi, John,

    was reading that yahoo is pretty priced nicely and is a potential takeover target in the near term.
    Was wondering if you have any views on it. I was looking at it from a 2 hourly chart, using tsi (4,7).
    Looks promising. Was wondering if i looked at it the right way (correct settings?)
    Appreciate any feedback if I'm using the right method and settings to look at it. Thanks!