Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BUY VALV @ $1.18 - SOLD VALV @ $1.24

A reader by the name of Guy wrote a comment that I was able to read before the beginning bell this morning to ask what I thought of a stock called Shengkai Innovations Inc (VALV). It looked like a momentum play I could manage between everything thing else I do at work (yeah, right) so I bought some shares at $1.15, but most were at $1.18. Just minutes ago I sold my entire position at $1.24.

Some of the VALV's incredible 'fundamental' data that I was able to glean before attempting the flip are detailed on the chart using various colors.

I simply do not have time right now to decide just how legit this stock and its pricing, so I took a little 5% profit and politely said "thank you". And I would also like to say "thank you" to Guy. 

Heck, if half of those numbers are real I should have held this thing until it reached $5.

My TSI trading record has been updated.


  1. Hi John, well i have been tinkering with the tsi. I see you have as well. Good job.
    The tsi is being refered to on SMT blog every now and then. Would you be willing to use gold as a real time teaching tool? Perhaps post gold with the tsi, 2 or 3 times a week. Then comment on the tsi development.
    We all like gold and watching the tsi develop its moves and signals would be more educational.
    Well its just a thought, i know you are very busy. Keep up the great work

  2. I am still a novice at the TSI and wanted to ask you if I am correctly seeing a Trend Line Break on the 4hr TVIX chart?

    Also thanks for posting the 20 shorts, I went through each on TOS as homework to gain a better understanding of the techniques.


  3. Hi again John,

    Thanks for the quick analysis!

    I read a seeking alpha article that might make sense. The idea is that general fear of China industry, paranoia, and institutional dumping of shares in a smaller cap company have destroyed the share price.

    Its funny the commenters turn on the author pretty quickly when the stock really starts to tank.

    Guy (

  4. John good job of getting in and out on this one. It crashed today. Some scary stuff out there!

  5. Google Finance today (2/17) says P/E is 0.54, P/B 0.20 ... yow.