Friday, September 17, 2010

SOLD SHSH $.119 and JAG $6.45

I'm really not sure how much higher gold will go before this daily cycle peaks (if it did not peak already today).  So, I wanted to take some gains off the table and put them back into my account for another day.
I bought Shoshone Silver Mining Co (SHSH) 4 days ago and as it got a nice pop today I decided to sell and move on.
Click on the charts to ENLARGE.
I have been holding Jaguar Mining Inc. (JAG) for what has seemed like eons.  Actually, it has been about 5 weeks but for me, that is eons.  Anyway, it started losing steam over the past few days and what gain I waited so patiently to capture was beginning to disappear - so I put in the sell order and said good-bye.
My TSI trading record has been updated and now stands at 305.9% in three months.


  1. You are a guru. Can you tell me where do you get the TSI chart tool?

  2. Where do you get the tool to draw TSI and MFI ?

  3. BJ -- I'm no guru, trust me. I just have a solid understanding of how to use momentum indicators, the True Index Strength in particular.

    The charts you see posted here were created using the free software available at:

    Another option I have very recently discovered and that is freely available with TSI, MFI and many more indicators is:

    I wish there were some good books I could suggest, but there are none that I am familiar with. Feel free to use the many articles I have published at this website as your textbook. I have kept no secrets!

    Wishing your success.

  4. John,

    Thank you for your reply. I tried The chart is just the same as yours.
    But symbols like CMIN does not exist using this website.
    Your comment about CMIN earlier really made some sense to me. So I followed you and bought some CMIN. But I cannot get the chart for this symbol on However your chart for CMIN looks to be also from freestockcharts. I am wondering how?

    Thans a lot!

  5. Unfortunately, its rather unusual to get something for nothing....and has made sure of that.

    New! Click Here for
    Almost Free Services

    If you will find that button on the freestockcharts screen, click it. It will allow you to subscribe to Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks for 99 cents per month.

    That is precisely how I was able to chart CMIN - and you will now be able to as well.

    You can also subscribe to several other Exchanges as well as get real time data and that annoying commercial off the right side of your screen.

  6. Hi John,

    Do you think the current cycle will end soon? I remember you said that the market is going through a cycle every 3-4 weeks. I am wondering if I should chase the market now or wait for a pullback.

    Also, is there anymore upside to TNA, do you think?


  7. Fung - I don't have a crystal ball. At least, not one that works all the time.

    That said, I think it's possible the FED announces a new round of QE today and gold blasts through $1300. Personally, I think that will be it.

    Smart money will sell into the drunken happiness and the cycle will end.

    Anyway, I view the current situation as very volatile and emotional. That is a recipe for getting blind sided and I will not play that game. Not chasing is my position. Not being overwhelmed with 'greed of the sure thing' is my plan.

    First and foremost I want to keep what I have and not lose it. Better to play when I can game the situation, rather than be gamed.

    As far as TNA goes, oh, gosh yes there is MUCH more upside there. Sure, it needs to take a short breather - maybe a week - but much higher prices there to come, positively.

    Thanks for your questions.