Wednesday, September 29, 2010


One sale and one buy today.  This is Timberline Resources Corp (TLR) which I sold today for $1.20 after buying it just yesterday for $1.06.

Today's buy was an accumulation of more shares of Cardero Resource Corp (CDY) at $1.20.

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My TSI trading record has been updated.


  1. I know it's a tough question. But I still want to know your opinion about CMIN. Based on the market today, It looks obviously to me that somebody is manipulate the stock. However I am wondering how low they want to press this stock. There is no major news for this stock. How could the stock price happen in this way? I could not resist myself and I doubled my posistion today at 25.2C. However it later dropped to nearly 21C which is almost the historical low. In the history, this stock only stayed at this level for a few days. Do you think it will come back? Maybe we will need to wait for a few months? One thing I am for sure is that TSI indicator is not working for this stock at this moment as it is heavyly manipulated.

  2. Honestly BJ, I think you have it figured out about as well as I do. Certainly I never expected a day like today - or I would have sold earlier in the week.

    The stock is extremely short sold from what I have more recently read. One figure is 41% of the entire float. My point is that the shorts will not make a dime until they buy back their shares.

    Days like today are great for them because they create a lot of panic and high volume selling which they can buy into - cash in some chips. I saw it at 21 and thought about buying more too, but I have enough of this stuff, so I passed.

    It could take a while for price to get back up to 40, months maybe. I really don't know. Just taking it one day at a time.