Sunday, December 12, 2010

6 Month Anniversary - 87% Total Gain * Sold SILA $.475 Bought AGQ $137.60

This weekend marks the 6 month Anniversary since beginning The TSI Trader website, June 11, 2010.  The total gain in my account value, due exclusively to my trades, has resulted in an 87% cash value gain.  I wrote 10 articles that were 'widely published', made a lot of great friends who live, quite literally, around the world, and think I have been able to inspire/educate more than a few people to profitably use the True Strength Index indicator for their Buy/Sell trading decisions.
All in all, this blog has been a very good experience for me and I thank you, the reader, for your participation and contribution to my journey!
As many of you know, I am a 29th year public school teacher with ambitions of changing careers to become an Investment Advisor at the conclusion of the current school year.  It has been *challenging* to try to excel at two professions simultaneously and I look forward to a singular focus on the stock market beginning next summer.
I executed two trades this past Friday.  First, I sold my entire number of shares of Silver America Inc (SILA) at $0.475.  I had entirely too many shares of this and was very happy to get out with my shirt still on my back.
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Second, I re-bought shares of Proshares Ultra Silver 2X ETF (AGQ) at $137.60.  Silver appeared to be making a bottom late Friday afternoon.
My TSI Trading record has been updated.


  1. John,

    Nice gains via the TSI indicator.

    Looking at the daily chart I notice a divergence between the two daily highs of AGQ (9/11/10 & 12/07/10) and the TSI/MFI. Do you think AGQ will retest the high from here or just a small bounce and then down to form a lower low? The divergence is also present on the MACD and Stoch's indicators and looks significant.

    Wish you every success with your proposed career change.


  2. some record for 6 months john, hats off..

    have and still am learning heaps from your insights



  3. Hi John,

    What are your thoughts on PAL? I bought some as well!

  4. Just wanted to said Thankyou, John.
    Since follow your advise so far so good...making a little money, only lost on one trade SILA,but not much,,,,the rest are doing good.

  5. John, I congratulate you for your results achieved in these six months. The TSI indicator has helped me a lot and with good results, not as impressive as you yours, but good.

    Thanks again for your advice and support, and you will be a great Investment Advisor

    At. Daniel Fdez

  6. JoeB - thanks for the well wishes! Concerning AGQ negative divergences, by the way I understand the TSI, there is not one in play at this time. If interested, send me an email and I will resend you a chart with my explanation, OK?

    Jack - you are very kind. Thank you.

    JW - PAL is going to the SUN. Yes, I believe that.

    Norman - my friend, SILA was a cash loser for me until I did my little bottom fishing maneuver with a lot of money and effectively neutralized the loss of my initial purchase. When will I ever learn to quit buying this crap?

    Daniel - if you outperform me this next six months I will cheer for you too. But any way you look at it, we are both winners.

  7. Hi John,

    Please also can you copy me on your analysis on AGQ?

    I am very confused lately because you are so bullish while Gary is telling people to sit on their hands for a few weeks. Both of you are gurus to me. And I am just confused by the your very different opinions.


  8. Fung - Sincerely, when one has the confused feeling about the market it is best to keep your cash in your pocket and wait until things make sense again. I absolutely hate it when I get myself into some stock position that leaves me feeling like I am simply a gambler. Do not gamble - it is a sure way to lose your shirt. Sit back, think things through and when something makes real good sense to you, then act on it. But not a second sooner than that. Please.

  9. Hi John,
    when did you buy AGQ? to be useful, this posting should have been done on Friday during the day - Sunday is too late!
    thanks and keep up the good work!
    also: on your trading record, can you switch the sequence so that the last entry is on top and the oldest one at the bottom? makes more sense and easier to read.

  10. Dan - I'm doing the best I can. I do work a full time job, manage three trading accounts, have 5 children and a wonderful wife and do this blog for the fun of helping other people succeed. I maintain my trading record for future employment purposes and for the personal challenge - not necessarily to provide a trading service. My trading record took me 8 hours a few weekends ago to re type. I am not going to spend another 8 hours re typing it for someone too lazy to scroll down the page for 2 seconds who is curious to see what it says. Sorry.