Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BUY CGR @ $1.41

Yesterday I decided to quadruple my position in Claude Resources Inc (CGR) at $1.41 per share. Selling volume, though persistent, appears to be nearly extinguished. 

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My TSI Trading record has been updated.


  1. Once again you're nailing it John. I follow the TSI religiously and am very puzzled by the trading in GLD. All stocks trade between the lines of the TSI on all time frames. On the hourly, 2 hour, and to some extent on the 4 hour it is trading within the parameters yet the Daily has not moved much. I would have thought that it should show some weakness by now. Could it be that GLD has transitioned to a higher trading level and the daily will just morph to a higher level with out the usual dip down? Hope this question makes sense.

  2. John,
    I am new to following your blog. Are you a quick trader or do you hold positions for more that a week on ot a month +?
    What's your target for CGR?


    1. John, Do you think dollar may be putting in its cycle low here? spike up would hit these little stocks hard... TSI (4,7) for dollar index is at -0.70, MFI is at the bottom as well. Looks like dollar bottom to me...

      I suggest have some sort of hedge in place!


  3. hello john,
    i have gone through slv chart on daily is it showing negative divergence and topping do u think slv can run futher from here.

  4. This just released 2 hours ago from Financial News Network Online:

    The growth of earnings per share (next fiscal year estimated vs. current fiscal year estimated) is important to gauge
    future profitability and relative value. Higher EPS growth generally justifies higher earnings multiples.

    Allied Nevada Gold (AMEX:ANV) is highest with future earnings growth of 349.3%.

    Claude Resources (NYSE:CGR) is next with future earnings growth of 108.0%.

    Finishing up the top three is Agnico-Eagle Mines (NYSE:AEM), with future earnings growth of 72.9%.

  5. -AM - yes, it is looking like a dollar bottom (finally) to me as well.
    And while the dollar has been moving higher I notice gold and the miners
    are trying not to yawn too loudly. My take is that gold has figured out
    that the dollar has topped for good. We'll see over time, of course, but
    I had to guess, this new dollar daily cycle will be severely left translated
    which will add fuel to the precious metal fire....and soon.

    ANON - SLV Chart. Yes, I do see what you are talking about. Look at Feb, March
    and April 2011 for the other side of the coin. The TSI just kept going with one
    brief blip below ZERO - for 3 months. My thought is this could well be another scenario
    such as that one..... so yes, slv can run much much further from here, in my opinion.

  6. Aloha John,

    I like it when you use the TSI in FreeStockCharts.com...Great. Simple to understand and follow. Also, can you update your thoughts on the TVIX? Today's closing at 15.94 is getting ready to either go to 0 or have pop to the upside.

  7. Aloha - we should get a pretty good clue after the market reacts to tomorrow's
    jobs report. Either the dollar is finally going to reverse and mount a rally
    from its recent consolidation (which would favor TVIX) OR the dollar is going
    to break down further and start a very swift and painful fall from the consolidation
    range it is in. If this happens, the SPX will absolutely break out above the downtrend
    line established beginning with the 2008 high. Silver, platinum, palladium and gold
    have ALREADY broke up through their respective downtrend lines of resistance. My guess
    is that the stock market will be next.

    In short, I would not buy TVIX until the dollar and S&P show their cards. Otherwise it
    is just a guess and that is not a reliable way to make money. Also, a trend line break
    of the TSI yielding a BUY sign for TVIX has not yet come into play. Neither has a ZERO crossover
    BUY signal. I would think it much more sensible to BUY if/when these signals materialize.