Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AGT (Apollo Gold) Daily Chart

Lost (.22) last year, projected to earn .05 this year and .10 next.  Earned .02 already Q1 2010.  Completing a merger with Linear Gold (LRR) by June 30 @ C$.40/sh
Hard to figure why the stock has been on a six month slide and why it is only $0.32
Keep an eye on this one.  Projected 2010 PE=5.9, 2011=3.3  TSI breaking out today.
Premarket, I am bidding 10K at $0.3020  Could work as price is short term overbought.
*I was only given 1,100 shares at $0.302 today (Wed).  I am bid 2,900 shares at $0.292 for Thurs.
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