Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Pre-Market

Well, gold is 1258 pre-market, so no air coming out of the tires yet :)

RIC 60 min chart
Richmont Mines (RIC) has a tiny float of 29M shares.  
2009 earnings +.01  2010E +.43  2011E +.75  
PE 2010E 11.4  2011E 6.6
They just completed a stock pvt. placement for 3.3M shares and the stock sold off.  This is temporary!
I will attempt to buy 1k @ $4.70
Click on the chart to ENLARGE                                                                
MGH daily chart
Stealth TSI and a potential break of a psychological resistance point are my main motivators for trying to buy 2K @ $0.99 MGH this morning.  

I was not able to buy either stock today as my bid price did not execute.

I DID close my CGC trade before the close at $3.86 for a 5.7% gain.

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