Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday evening RECAP

I am guessing that the air comes out of the tires of GLD for a day or so.  Gaps usually get filled and the TSI is getting uncomfortably high.

Ideally, GLD will come back down on Friday to fill the gap then bounce up off the lower TSI trend line on Monday.

Time will tell.
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AGT looks like it might finally break out of the multi month downtrend line.

My shares have a 6% gain as of today, but I will hold in hopes we see price hit the $0.36 resistance in the next few days.    

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CGC - my current 3% gain I am hoping to push into a 7% gain with a GTC order to sell at $3.75

The TSI is very bullish as it has turned up above ZERO.

My expectation is that the stock market will be generally up in the near term, ditto for gold and miners.
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