Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11

SSRI 30 min
Another divergence on the 30 minute chart as the air in the balloon 
(momentum) slowly leaks out.  I have not taken the short trade yet, 
but this is getting rather tempting here at $18.60.  

I would target something around $18.00 for the cover.  
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SSRI 15 min
This is the 'later in the same day' update.  It also is a time I would cover the SSRI short trade, had I taken it earlier.

It as worth 2.5%.  Fairly low risk trade, IMO. 
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SWC 30 min
This is classic TSI stuff.  1 to 2 sets up a positive divergence (buy signal).  
2 to 3 works the TSI up to the ZERO breakout while price goes no where 
(buy signal).

4 to 5 and 5 to 6 have created negative divergences (sell signal).
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GLD Daily (update)
This post confirms my correct call 3 days ago for a top in GLD.  It now appears that GLD is finished with a brief breather, and on its way to retest the recent highs.

When the highs are surpassed it will be critical that TSI 3 confirm by being higher than TSI 2.  I will update that when it happens.
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