Friday, August 13, 2010

What Does Friday the 13th Have to Do With It?

Well, it's Friday August 13th, the last weekday of my 2010 summer vacation before returning to my service as a public school teacher on Monday.  But don't let the date make you afraid of black cats passing in front of you, because we all know that is nonsense.
Actually, I have decided that far from being an unlucky day, this will be a very fun, exciting and yes, profitable day.  And I sincerely hope it is for you, as well!
This is a 30 minute chart of the US Dollar and I snapped this picture over morning coffee as the sun began to rise here in Texas.  The chart was made 2 hours pre-market opening, so a little early to be 'sure' what will happen today, but I have interpreted this data in an optimistic light.  Probably not the most responsible thing for me to do, as we have potentially market moving government data coming out an hour before the market opens that could render my analysis null and void.  So be forewarned!
But my hunch is that the US Dollar is going to roll over today and in so doing, send the stock market on a nice bounce to the upside.  Perhaps I will update this post just before the market opens to affirm or denounce my optimistic theory with updated data.

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  1. Just started following you last couple of weeks. I bought GDX, IAG & EGO favorably.
    Yesterday was great. Do you see them as holds or is there an exit?