Friday, July 30, 2010

A Few Quick Ideas - ANV, CGC, CGR, GDXJ, GSS

Alphabetical order:

All look pretty good to me.  See what you think.
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  1. John, There are so, so many PM stocks that look inviting. I bought GDXJ yesterday and PAL this morning.

    I'm impressed by your discipline to take small profits and not get too greedy. I too often get greedy and let small gains turn into under water problems. I know I am really exposed to that scenario at this time since I feel that a major move (continuation of C wave) is just getting started and I am looking for double digit gains in the trades I am entering.

  2. Hi Duane - thanks for writing. This C wave has a long ways to go, both price and time wise. If you are a buy and hold investor you may very well see triple digit gains on some of your positions if you can ride the bull to the top.

    For whatever reason, I cannot do that. I cannot sit and be OK about that. Seems I have to keep busy and make it really "difficult".

    But if you can sit and hold for another 6-9 months you will probably blow right past me. Chin up.

    Also, try to NEVER sell a mining stock at a LOSS unless there is an extremely compelling reason.

    Why? Because this is a bull market (unlike the stock market).

    Bull markets rise in value over time. Any stock that you get under water on, just let the bull take care of you. He will come back and give you a profit.... Seriously.

    Doesn't it make you feel good to know you really NEVER have to lose money?